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Who Are We ?

In 1992 identical twin brothers Dennis and Daniel Bloom created the company called AmeriPlan®.
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What’s In It For You

This opportunity is not only an Income generator - it is ABSOLUTELY the best home business you will find.
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Contact Us

phone 719-821-5586

HI I'm Gary Rotolo. Thank you for visiting my web site. This is were champions like you come to make a difference in their life.

Being a native of southern Colorado I love the beauty of the Rocky Mountains. These Mountains are natures source of freedom just like the AmeriPlan® business opportunity. You can have the time and financial freedom that you want and deserve.

When I was introduced to AmeriPlan®, I was looking for something to fill in a six-month gap while waiting for another company. I saw that there was a need for the services, so I "gave it a try". Not only did I "give it a try" but, the six-months past and the rest is history.

Being involved in numerous home-based businesses in the past, none of them had been as rewarding as this one. After just a little work the rewards started pouring in.AmeriPlan® delivered what other companies couldn't.

You don't have to quit your job. Almost everyone starts part-time like me. If you can work at least 7-10 hours a week  you can replace your current income in a short time.  That means you would only have to work 1-2 hours a day for you and your family to have choices that you don't have now.

In fact, I am so confident that this is the opportunity of a lifetime; I have got a special offer for you . I am going to share some information with you that will get you off to a fast start with your new business.

Click Here and I will send you a complimentary report  ($47 value) that is packed with the hidden secrets of the AmeriPlan® business opportunity that most people don't know.

Look at this incredible offer in depth so you can make an intelligent choice. The choice that can change your life FOREVER!

The reason that I am sharing the AmeriPlan® opportunity with you is because it is the best home-based business around. The only thing that you have to lose, is not trying.

I am looking for someone who is serious about gaining financial independence in a relatively short time. If you're serious about changing your life, let's get you started on your road to financial freedom.

Go to the "What's in it for You" page to see how simple it is.