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In 1992 identical twin brothers Dennis and Daniel Bloom created the company called AmeriPlan®.
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This opportunity is not only an Income generator - it is ABSOLUTELY the best home business you will find.
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In 1992  identical twin brothers Dennis and Daniel Bloom created the company called  AmeriPlan®.

They saw the need for a value-oriented Discounted fee-for-service dental program.

Once the dental care program was established they continued to build the business with two strategies that provided real value to the consumer.

The brothers added prescription drug, then vision and chiropractic plans to the program at   no additional cost. They were convinced that they had created a program with significant value to a large part of the population.

Being satisfied that they had the right product they developed the most efficient and effective system for bringing this much-needed service to the maximum number of people in the shortest possible time.

A great deal of research, trial and error and determination showed that the objectives could best be met by developing a unique marketing strategy. This was done and the results have been incredibly successful.

Now they have added even more. AmeriPlan® offers a complete medical package that includes physicians, labs, imaging centers and a full array of medical services. Plus the dental, vision, prescription drug and chiropractic care. Under the guidance of the Bloom Brothers, the 23-year-old AmeriPlan® Corporation and staff of professionals is a   financially solid debt free $100 Million Company placed as the nations largest discounted fee-for-service provider.

AmeriPlan® is implementing new programs designed to take them into the next millennium to provide a stable platform for growth into a $1 Billion Corporation in a few years. 

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So don't wait until it's too late. Join AmeriPlan® and take advantage of this turn key opportunity that Dennis and Daniel Bloom created! 

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